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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chronicles from Outer Space

Chronicles from Outer Space is available here, here, and here.

Chronicles From Outer Space, is set on a distant area of the Milky Way where a cluster of asteroids is the center of an incredible round of bad politics between six alien species. Ilko and his friends are unwillingly caught in this thrilling mix up and they struggle very hard to get out of it, but the mystery unfolds only with their visit on Planet Earth.
Here's a sample...
The Star Mermaid wreck was still there as they had left it. The dust was all over the place and the little felines had virtually become owners of the place. Many things had been moved, some were tampered with and other stuff was piled up forming mounds of rubble that were not there before. In the Mess Hall the main refrigerators were still working, but doors were left open and the food inside spoiled and contaminated the air all around it with a bad smell.
They realized that their lives had been violated when they reached their personal quarters. For a short moment memories re-surfaced and they felt deeply frustrated, everything around them brought back images and thoughts of the past, and all the good time spent on that ship. The Mermaid was their first investment and gave them lots of satisfaction until the day of the disaster. Then everything faded into nothing.
“Enough!” Ilko said. “We’ve wept enough, it’s time to leave.”
“You are right, Captain. I am curious though to know how much time has passed since we were abducted? How long we’ve been prisoners of the old people?”
Ilko did not answer, but knew his chief of security was right, and something had to be done to bring their lives back on track.
“By the amount of dust it seems long enough...”  
“We must find them. Let's go.” Ilko said interrupting Daksh sentence. He was certain there was a good explanation for it, however they would have to work harder to find all the right answers.
With a couple of flashlights found in the rubble, they left the crash area and followed the secretly marked path with signs that led to the cave, where the containers were hidden. They entered trying not to offset too much the foliage used to conceal the opening and walked down the tunnel all the way to the end. The containers were still there, just as they had left. Suddenly a suspicious feeling aroused Ilko’s curiosity and he quickly opened the closest one to check the inside. The expression on his face showed disbelief then turned into disappointment and then he yelled out loudly with rage. The container was empty!
“Empty!” Daksh screamed outrageously. “Zogt! They took them while we were asleep. Zogt be damned forever!” He shouted louder and louder while opening all the containers, one after the other.
They were both boiling with rage, and wondering what was the reason for that? Who took the diamonds? Especially why was this happening to them? Why, why, why? They were ready to commit a crime just to have an answer to those questions; and what would they say to their friends expecting them back with good news...

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